The aim of this blog is to analyze myself as a leader, identify my role model and how my peers regard me as a leader.

Through self discovery, peer and tutor review, I have come to the understanding that I am more of a transformational leader who believes in generating a purpose and working alongside his subordinates and or team members towards accomplishing it. Yukl (2010) indicates that such a leader articulates a clear and appealing purpose of the organization explains and acts confidently as well as express confidence in followers towards accomplishing that vision. Also, while Bass (1995) considers transformational leadership as idealized influenced (charisma), Iiris and Tuomo (2000) acknowledge that transformational leaders help their followers to perform beyond organizational expectations. A moral view is brought in by Odon and Green (2001) wherein they consider transformational leadership as focusing on the moral development of followers by trying to transform them into ethical followers.

Through leadership studies and demonstrations at CULC, I am better ready to undertake greater task in leading others. With the possession of a core ingredient of transformational leadership (Charisma), which is considered by Weber (1978) as a quality of an individual personality through which he is considered to be extraordinary, I can better use referent and legitimate power in managing. A good leader needs to be one who causes others to do the job happily and not through coercion (Mullins) 2010. I have been able to build this ability and do have a good mastery on what type of leadership role and style will better suit a particular circumstance by also having an understanding of other models of leadership and not being limited to just one model.


Great leaders have come and gone, but the one who inspires me most in his leadership style is Bill Clinton who doubles as the 42nd President of the United States of America. Being a transformational leader, Bill Clinton has taught me four core things inorder to succeed as a leader; how to embrace complexities, focus on issues that actually make a difference, figure out how to advance through adversities as well as partnership with your subordinates in order to accomplish your purpose. Through his statement after the incident with Monica Lowinsky wherein he stated that it is not enough to fall down and remain; and that when you fall down, you have to get up and continue fighting, I learned that you can actually create a conducive environment through which people can make mistakes and still remain enthusiastic towards accomplishing that goal. He is a very charismatic leader who was able to pull crowds despite the negativity on his social and private life and he did not end at that but was able to give the American people the best kind of life during his reign (The Guardian 2013)

Through peer review, I have also realized that am a good team player, planner, problem solver, a person who takes initiatives towards ensuring that the work is done as well as a good decision making. Serving as a team member and leader most at times, I have been able to build my inter-personal relationship skills by reflecting on the comments being given by my peers and trying to apply them. In a lead role during one of the group activities in leadership, I led my team to success and was described by my peers in their review as a transformational leader who takes initiatives and is able to communicate his point as well as convince and encourage others to follow him.

As a future leader, my best and most appropriate leadership approach is that put forward by Adair (2013) which is regarded as the Action-Centered Leadership wherein I need to reconcile between task, team maintenance and individual needs. Achieving the objectives of the group, maintaining morale and building team spirit as well as meeting the needs of the individual members (Adair 2013) are priorities that I must satisfy as Adair considers them to be overlapping and the absent of one will affect the others.

Through reflections from peer and tutor review, I have come to the conclusions that leadership challenges are much more higher especially when one has to reconcile between satisfying individual needs in a team as well accomplishing the task. Leaders are not born but are trained for through my leadership studies and peer review, I have been able to develop my leadership abilities and can outwardly say am a transformational leader now. Finally, like Mullins (2010) puts it, leaders know the way, show the way and go the way.









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  1. Getting a model like president Clinton and others is what moves me about people like you, Clifford. I wonder why I really don’t have a model yet. i guess I have to learn from you. However i must say, good leadership is the basis for growth in society

  2. thanks very much Mr. Ungitoh, given the complex and inter related nature of our societies, we tend to admire and try to be like some great men, but the best counsel here is for us to try to decipher what is best and wise in that particular leader that we are trying to model

  3. i must say i u got all it takes to be a great leader having a great man as a role model and selecting just what is best adds more impetus to your greatness as well u have got great ideas that if actually put into action then you certainly will be another persons role model why not the worlds……..CONGRATULATIONS

    1. thanks so much Ms Hilda for lifting me high, the success of every institution in the world is dependent on its leaders. great nations have failed due to bad governance and leadership. Mo Ibrahim of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation once said that there is nothing wrong with Africa and its people but that good people and a good nation is not enough and that what we all need is good governance. i have made it upon myself to ensure that am that leader that people will look up to

      once gain thanks very much

  4. “It is not enough to fall down and remain; and that when you fall down, you have to get up and continue fighting” True words of an inspired leader and back here in Cameroon u did show us that and i do really appreciate that “A GOOD LEADER IS A GOOD STRATUS”

    1. thanks very much Mr. Achu, our societies need great leaders today and unless we step up in our leadership styles, making the world a better place will never be a reality

      1. “Genuine leadership comes from the quality of your vision and your ability to spark others to extraordinary performance and i see that in you

  5. You will make some mistakes, but if you learn from those mistakes, those mistakes will become wisdom and wisdom is essential to becoming leader.

  6. Congratulations for such a grat idea, leaderships is all what it takes for a society to be great, with models as Bill C., I wish my leaders will copy.

    1. thanks very much Mr Christian, our societies need great leaders and the only way we can make the world a better place is by ensuring that we follow the footsteps of those that went ahead of us and did a great job. Bill Clinton is an icon of leadership who in the midst of adversities was still able to give the american people that american dream

  7. Identity and position are key to your destiny in life and in Christ. Discovering that you are a transformation leader and an action-centered leader means that you have understood this one statement in my book “a place (org, home, business, country etc) is not about a place but the people in the place.” The diamonds and gold are people not silver and gold. “If you want profits for a year, plant mangoes: if you want profits in 10yrs plant trees; if you want profits for a lifetime, plant people!~Chinese saying.” If there is something else I have learned as per revelation, it is this: “WHAT YOU DO for people is already rewarded by people, WHAT YOU ARE to people has an eternal reward!” From all that you have written, the research that you have done, and the role models you have chosen, I commend you for it. I can tell this one thing about you: if you take a personality test right now, your highest score will be that in the middle (influential) but the others will average and closely follow your highest score. It simply means this: you can act according to people and situations present and you adapt to change easily:-the mark of an OUTSTANDING LEADER. Simply put: in character, you grown into the very nature and personality of Christ. Now find your identity as per the kingdom and contend for the supernatural. Be ready for revelation. You are awesome brother and friend.

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