Be the One to Make the News

In life, there are tBreaking_Newswo categories of persons; those that make the news and those that publish it. Who are you then? Some people spend time announcing what others have done, criticising or praising them (and yes it is good to criticise or praise others) but forgetting that they too are expected or supposed to create their own news.

Life was not designed for certain people to remain at the top while others are always at the bottom. Everyone has the ability and capacity to rise to the top but this depends on your desire to get to that top. It becomes challenging when someone looks down on himself and creates the mindset that he/she cannot or will never attain a certain position in life.

Having the mindset of a news maker is what will enable you to get to the top. Believing in yourself and striving to create or make something as well as develop an idea that can change and make a positive impact in the world is what will propel you to the level of news makers.

Don’t spend time publicising the successes and accomplishments of others, think for yourself what you can do to also impact your world. Learn to think through a problem and render a solution. Look around you and you will find a need. Embark on getting a solution for that need and before you know it, you will be a news maker. Problem solvers are limited in supply in the society today, Become one of them.


2 thoughts on “Be the One to Make the News

  1. This is great. Thank you so much for the insight of Breaking News. I am a news maker. What must I do to start up a business of my own?

    1. Hello Sasyl Kams, thanks for the comment,
      starting up a business requires key things that you need to take into consideration, some of which are the industry you want to get into, the market nature, the resources required and your own personal characteristics as an entrepreneurial leader. Some of such cannot be dealt with here, i would request that you drop us an email at with a brief on the type of business you want to do and we will help you do some market analysis and design a strategy for you based on our findings.

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