The Blue Ocean Strategy and The African Market

Focusing oblue-ocean-strategyn creating  Uncontested Market Space and Making Competition Irrelevant is the desire of every multinational corporation today and yet achieving it seems unrealistic to some companies. Some companies do this by creating unique new products and taking advantage of profitable new markets. This is very challenging as all the markets seems to be saturated (Red Ocean), but According to the authors of the Blue Ocean Strategy (Kim and Mauborgne), blue ocean strategy is successful because it simultaneously attracts large numbers of customers while raising the cost of competition. This strategy provides companies and investors with tools and frameworks to creating and capturing ‘blue oceans” including a strategy canvas, value curve, four actions framework, six paths, buyer experience cycle, buyer utility map and blue ocean idea index.

Africa could be seen as a blue ocean for some industries, Information and Technology, for example, is still very much at its low level at the Central, West and Northern Africa of which if the key questions of raise, eliminate, reduce and create are well answered, companies will be able to achieve the break-off between differentiation and low cost which will create new curve values for them.

Multinational Corporations and investors need to take advantage of the African markets which remain “Blue Oceans” and if low cost plus differentiation is well implemented, then they will have a leading position in the African Market. industries like agriculture, consultancy, real estate, and much more are still awaiting great investors in Africa and so if you take advantage of it now, then you will definitely create a wall that cannot be infiltrated in future.  MAPAFRICA054illusSuncontested-market2-600-504x300

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