The Trip that Goes Wrong

What do you take into consideration when planning an international trip? The luggage? the immigration officials? the airlines or the travel time? Going on a trip entails a lot of considerations. Do you ask questions on how any of the aspects would affect you or the trip in the event of unforeseen occurrences? This is something a lot of us ignore when we are planning a trip. But here are some tips that can help you when next you are travelling abroad

  1. Time Factor: is time crucial for your journey? for example are you going for an event or a program whose time is fixed and cannot easily be changed? if yes then make sure you plan to leave well ahead of time and allow enough allowance or time just in case you miss your flight or there are any delays
  2. Luggages: What you are carrying in your bags, is it vital for your trip e.g are you going for a wedding and you are carrying the wedding outfits and other things needed for the event? If yes then you have to prioritise and identify the things that are most important so that they can go into your hand luggage while the others are checked in. Never assume that your luggages will arrive the destination on time
  3. The Airline: This might not really be a factor, but some airlines are highly unreliable and though they are always cheaper, you have to consider how their delays, missing luggages and travel time will affect you before considering using such airlines
  4. Extra Cash: This is important. When making an international trip always make sure you have extra money on you for any eventuality. This is vital because there might be delays, you can miss your flight and other things including ill health and you will need to spend extra. Ensure that such extra cash is either in main currencies like Pounds, Euros or Dollars as these can easily be accepted or exchanged when need be.
  5. Missing your Flight/Delays: Transiting at various airports requires a lot of procedures including security controls. you have to ensure that you are on time and you are reading all notices or following every instructions and directions provided. make sure you know your boarding gate and take off time from each airport.
  6. Immigration and Boarder Control: Always go online and check out the immigration requirements for the country you are going to or you will be transiting through for such can easily affect your travel when you fail to meet their requirements.

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