What is in your Hands? Part VI: Five Thousand men share from a boy’s super

Five Thousand men share from a boy’s super

Spirit-HandsAfter having a brief on faith, let us look at another case of multiplication that took place in the New Testament, which is a clear demonstration of multiplication during the reign of Christ Jesus on earth. The bible records that food was needed to feed over five thousand men excluding women and children (which means the number of persons that were fed were far more than five thousand) who had followed the Master Jesus to listen to Him teach.

This is the report of what happened:

Matthew 14:13-21 (KJV) When Jesus heard of it, he departed thence by ship into a desert place apart: and when the people had heard thereof, they followed him on foot out of the cities. And Jesus went forth, and saw a great multitude, and was moved with compassion toward them, and he healed their sick. And when it was evening, his disciples came to him, saying, This is a desert place, and the time is now past; send the multitude away, that they may go into the villages, and buy themselves victuals. But Jesus said unto them, They need not depart; give ye them to eat. And they say unto him, We have here but five loaves, and two fishes. He said, Bring them hither to me. And he commanded the multitude to sit down on the grass, and took the five loaves, and the two fishes, and looking up to heaven, he blessed, and brake, and gave the loaves to his disciples, and the disciples to the multitude. And they did all eat, and were filled: and they took up of the fragments that remained twelve baskets full. And they that had eaten were about five thousand men, beside women and children.

Jesus had been preaching the gospel to over five thousand men, who had followed him for over two days and all that they had on them as food was finished. Night fall was already around and the disciples being concerned about the physical well being of such followers had to face their master and request that the crowds should be sent away so they can go get something to eat. But the master, looking at them and reflecting on how long the people had gone without food and the fear that some might collapse before reaching home as a result of hunger, told his disciples to feed the crowd. This was ridiculous to the disciples, as they had clearly explained that there was nothing left in terms of food.

The disciples were however wise to have indicated to him that a young boy in their midst still had his lunch pack with him. Jesus immediately gave instructions on what the disciples should do and the bread and fish were also brought to him. Notice what He (Jesus) did, he instructed that the people should be divided in groups of 12 and they should seat in an orderly manner and from there, he took the bread and the fish raised up to heaven and blessed it before giving to his disciples to share. This was incredible, ordinary words that he spoke caused the miracle to happen and immediately there was sufficient bread for all to eat, with the disciples gathering over twelve baskets as leftovers.

Remember i earlier said all you have is all you need. for this miracle to be possible, all that was needed was all that was available and all that was available became all that was needed for it. All God need is something your hands, so that he can bless it and cause it to multiply. Never finish all that which you, learn to invest part so that God’s blessings can cause it to multiply.

…To Be Continued

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