Grace Mugabe- from Secretary to Mistress, to wife to Presidential Aspirant- Politics

Grace_Mugabe_cropped_Grace_Mugabe_and_Akie_Abe_20160328_1.jpgI have never had interest in the social life of President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, rather i have always focused on understanding his political and economic agendas; how they affected the economic and foreign policy of his country negatively. With recent events in Zimbabwe, i decided to do more research on who Mrs Grace Mugabe really is. Truth be told, the first time I even knew her name was less that five days ago and i had to go watch some of her speeches and i can say she is really ambitious.

Former Private Secretary to President Mugabe, Grace promoted herself to rank of his Mistress while still married to Stanley Goreraza and Mugabe married to Sally Hayfron. The relationship successfully produced two children and after the death Mugabe’s first wife, the love birds finally had the opportunity to legalize their union in 1996 in a very flamboyant wedding event.

Grace Mugabe became very critical of Vice-President Joice Mujuru, who she believed  he allegedly plotted against her husband President Mugabe and started taking steps to eliminate him for President Mugabe’s inner circle.

Her political prominence increased as she was nominated as head of the ZANU-PF Women’s League, and delegates to the party congress approved her nomination by acclamation on 6 December 2014. In becoming head of the women’s league, she also became a member of the ZANU-PF Politburo. Since 2016 , the first lady’s involvement in ZANU-PF in-house politics has seen rumours pointing out that she is fronting one of the party’s secretive factions, the G40. The other faction, Lacoste, assumingly led by the Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa. Factionalism in ZANU PF is mainly a result of Mugabe succession battles (who will succeed President Robert Mugabe).

The feud between Grace Mugabe and Mnangagwa reached a tipping point in late September with both parties pointing fingers to each other on ZANU PF public gatherings. While addressing a gathering at Mahofa’s memorial service Mnangagwa claimed he was poisoned at a ZANU PF Youth Interface rally in Gwanda. Soon after Mnangagwa’s remarks, President Robert Mugabe called a shock cabinet reshuffle in what many believe to be power-shifting exercise. Mnangagwa, like fellow suspected allies, lost the justice ministry. October 2017 marked Grace Mugabe’s peak political influence in ZANU PF.

In November 2017, Grace was instrumental in the firing of the then Vice-President, Emmerson Mnangagwa after castigating him for causing divisions in Zanu PF. Shortly after, Grace expressed her intentions of taking up the Vice-Presidency post. The country was in heightened tension and soon thereafter while Emmerson Mnangagwa had sought refuge outside of Zimbabwe, the military took over in a bloodless coup under General Constantino Chiwenga. Grace Mugabe was notably invisible at this time with reports that she had been denied refuge in South Africa and that she had been allowed entry into Namibia.

Grace is noted for her lavish spendings in diamonds, mansions and other forms of luxury

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    This is actually a pattern in Africa where leaders prefer their family members or close allies to inherit them. The question therefore is whether there is a need for democracy or are we just trying to please the general public that with are a democratic nation?

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