Barack Obama- The Journey in Speeches- Politics

Spreading hope to Americans, making Americans believe that there was a new journey that was hope you could actually believe in for the country, Obama declared his candidacy for president. Key things he mentioned

  1. Our cherished rights and liberties depends on the active participation of the electorates
  2. Learn to disagree without being disagreeable
  3. learn to listen to each other and assume the best and not the worst in people
  4. the need to change the ways of Washington.
  5. What stops America from meeting  is challenges is the failure of its leadership
  6.  Leaders have distracted its people from their real problems
  7. cynics have turned the government into a game where only them can play, they write the cheques and Americans pay the bills
  8. Politics should never divide us. we can work together to protect our country
  9. there is power in words, there is power in conviction, there is power in hope

One thought on “Barack Obama- The Journey in Speeches- Politics

  1. After thought: Obama successfully America from the tensed Bush environment with war and financial crisis around. this enabled the country and its people to begin to hope again

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