Employability Skills- What to look out for

employability skills1A key challenge for most university training nowadays is how to embed employability skills in their training and facilitate students’ ability to be employable at the end of their training. Every innovative institution need to consider employability skills as part of their training and be able to clearly help their students understand what employers are looking for and ensure that they meet those expectation. Some of the key skills necessary are listed below.

  1. Research Skills: As a job seeker, you need good research skills. these skills are what will enable you do be able to successfully carry out research on both the industry and companies that you are interested in working for. you need to be able to research extensively, understanding your industry and the company; by bringing out what the company does and what they are looking for.
  2. Analytical Skills: Your ability to be able to anlayse facts and not just take them for what they are will help you in your job search. You need to be able to look at the different opportunities, do a SWOT analysis of yourself, identify your current skills that fit the position and the gap (the skills you currently do not have) which you need to fill to make yourself the perfect candidate for the job opportunity.
  3. Communication Skills. Your ability to present yourself both in writing and in person is vital for you to be employable. To successfully land your dream job, you need to be able to write an excellent CV and Cover letter and be able to better communicate and present yourself at an interview. Communication skills also require you to learn industry language and ensure that your grammar is simple and clear whenever you are making a presentation.
  4. Ability to take initiatives: Employers are looking for candidates who are hands-on the job and can easily take initiatives to ensure that they add value to the company. As a potential employee, you need to demonstrate to your interviewer that you have what it takes to take initiatives by showing how you have previously acted in a challenging situation. Avoid being the candidate that will always seat and wait for the manager to give instructions before you can act.
  5. Time Management Skills: This is crucial. As an employee, you need to be able to deliver and meet all timelines put in place for various projects. As such, your ability to manage your personal time and ensure that you meet your targets on time is what will help you land the right job.

There are a host of other soft skills that you need to gain to make yourself employable and for you to be able to continually remain relevant in your company or industry, it is important that you embrace continuous learning, gaining skills that will make you more valuable for your company.  #CNDECHAM

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