Employability- What Employers are looking For.

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With increasing graduates around the world and continous demand from both customers and employers, employees or graduates need to rethink of how they sell themselves and what they have to offer to the organisation. Employability in this era has moved beyond just having a degree and training institutions need to have a rethink on how to best prepare their graduates.

A few things employers are looking for today during recruitment are;

1. People ready to do the job. Employers are out for employees who do not need to be retrained before they can perform the task, they are looking for people who are already embedded with the right technical skills to perform that particular job.

As a graduate therefore, you need to constantly be updated on the right technical skills needed within your industry, you need to regularly look out for new trainings and certification programs that will help enhance such skills.

Institutions also need to create avenues for students to practice what they are being taught in the classroom. Therefore, it is important for them to constantly Blend Theory with Practice.

2. Employability (Soft Skills) and Professional skills. Employers are more attracted to candidates who have the right soft skills, candidates who know how to market themselves. This starts with a winning CV and Cover letter that can help secure you an interview (not get you the job) to your professional performance during the interview.

You need to market yourself in an optimal manner which will make employers believe that it is either you or no other for the job; so getting the right soft skills such as communication, time management skills and leadership skills as well as professional skills will make you likeable by employers.

3. People who can multitask or people with multiple technical skills.
In this era where technology is gradually taking away many tasks within companies, employers are looking for candidates with multiple skillset. This does not just help them save money but also helps in building cross-functional teams. For example, a Lawyer with an MBA or a Lawyer with a degree in IT stands the chance to be recruited faster than a candidate with just an MBA or a Law degree.

Therefore, as an employee and in order not to become obsolete in the near future, it is important for you to diversify your skills. Get retrained today.

4. Workplace Ethics and Team Players.
Employers are not just interested in professionals or people who can do the job today, customers and society are increasingly demanding for ethical organisations and unless the employees can demonstrate such, he/she can’t last on that job. More so, companies are focusing more on building teams nowadays and unless you can effectively work in a team and be valuable, you will not be able to stay on the job.

To make yourself employable, you need to rethink of the above points and take practical steps to better prepare yourself.
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