A Winning CV- What Employers want to see

A Winning CV- What Employers want to see.
The first and most important thing to note is that your CV won’t get you the job. Your CV has one sole responsibility- To Secure you an Interview. Therefore, what are some of the things that need to be in the CV that will make the employer want a follow up interview with you?

1. A well edited and Presented CV.
A CV that is properly edited with little or no grammatical errors, well organized and presented will definitely draw the attention of the employer to want to look at it in depth. Most of the time, employers will bin your CV the moment they realise there is an error within the first three lines. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your CV is properly edited, the right font size and type are used and if possible get someone else to read through it and identify some of the things that might need editing.

Your Work Experience(s) demonstrating your acquired skills.
This is a major challenge when presenting your key responsibilities on a particular job. You need to clearly show what you did on that job, how such impacted the company and the skills you gained as a result of doing that job. It is not just enough for you to state or narrate your previous jobs and responsibilities, let there be a link between your abilities and your skills gained.

3. Your Education and Training.
Some jobs require a minimum level of education or specific accreditations, so it is important to Expressly demonstrate such within the CV. Always start with your most recent or highest qualification and end with the oldest or lowest.

4. Your current skills, experiences and qualifications meeting the specific requirements on the job description.
Your CV should always be tailored to the specific job description. As such, before making an application, always read through the job description a couple of times and identify the key requirements and sometimes key words used within it. From there, update your CV, making sure some of those key words, skills or experiences mentioned within the job description are used.

5. Don’t lie or misrepresent or over sell.
Your CV should be a clear representation of you, so endeavour to be as honest as possible within it. The moment the employer realizes that you are misrepresenting, lying or exaggerating, chances are he will bin your CV.

These and more, are some of the things that the employer will be looking out for within the CV. Let your CV speak for you, if you need details or help in building your winning CV, do not hesitate to contact me.
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