Why you Should Constantly Retrain yourself

Why you Should Constantly Retrain yourself:

0Continuous personal and professional development is becoming a necessity in today’s global economy and if you want to stay ahead of the game be it as an employee or employer, there is need for constant training and retraining. Here are some of the reasons.

1. Increasing Demands from Employers.
Employers are constantly expecting employees to gain new skills and deliver in multiple areas within the same job and as such, there is need for constant training. Employers are nowadays looking for employees with varied skills and ready to start doing the job from day one without any training as they are no longer interested in spending on retraining newly hired employees.

2. Increasing Demands from Customers.
Customers’ expectations are increasingly becoming ridiculous and unless you retrain yourself and staff, you might not be able to meet such expectations. Customers constantly have choices as well as the ease to switch to new providers and as such, they need to constantly be cajoled so as to stay loyal with your business or product/service. Therefore, there is constant need for training and retraining on new customer’s expectations.

3. Highest Competition in the Job Market today
With increasing number of graduates every year, there is need for you to retrain yourself and gain new skills or stay updated with industry expectations in order to increase your chances of employability or promotion. Hundreds of thousands of graduates have similar degrees like you and unless you diversity your training, you will never be able to stand out during an interview.

4. Rapid changes in technology and policies
Technological advancement is a constant need for training and retraining. With new technologies coming out every single day and the need to use them in order to either meet clients’ needs, there is need for training. Also, new policy expectations from governments and industry standards warrant the need for training and unless you train or retrain yourself and employees, you might be found wanting within your industry.

5. Stay in Business.
Innovation, expansion and growth can only come through training and retraining. Researching new areas for expansion, improving your product or service and increasing customer satisfaction can only be possible if you constantly train yourself as well as your employees. So if you really want to stay in business, then you need to stay updated with all the different expectations from clients, industry and government and the smart way to do so is through training.

6. A tool for Change Initiation:
Organisational Change is easier when all those involved in the change process are retrained on the new tools, schemes, products or innovations being brought in. Change most of the time is often resisted when those involved have not be trained and have limited understanding of what and how to do what is expected of them.

Unless you get yourself trained or retrained, you will never stay ahead of the game.

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