Managing Diverse Teams- Top 7 Ways

Top diversity-word-cloud7 Ways of Managing Diverse Teams
Every multinational company today have workers with diverse backgrounds ranging from race, sexual orientation, skills, nationality and others. Managing such diverse teams is important to achieve maximum output from the team. I have therefore identified seven ways in which a manager can manage such a diverse team and maximise their output.

1. Ensure that the team share a common vision;
This requires the team members have one goal at every point in time which is the vision of the company. They all need to know what the goals of the company are, set their priorities on how to work together as a team to achieve these goals and work wholeheartedly towards achieving these goals.

2. Recognise and Value each other’s diverse nature;
A diverse team is always challenging for the manager to manage when he fails to recognise and respect the salient differences among his/her employees. employees can declare themselves to be gay, Buddhist, blacks, Latinos, Africans or Asians and most often will act according to their background and orientation. To maximise their efficiency, you the manager, therefore, needs to recognise and respect whatever way in which they are diverse in and respect them for that.

3. The Manager should be well trained with good leadership skills;
Most often employees find their job site boring when they are more qualified and experienced than their managers in terms of operations and leadership. This will hinder the diverse team from putting in its best in the company. Managers, therefore, need to constantly be ahead of the employees through constant training and personal development.

4. Understand their levels of Motivation;
though it is very challenging to motivate all employees at individual levels since each person has a different level of motivation, a manager needs to be sensitive to the needs and motivations of such diverse needs and try to meet up with such motivation at an average level. A team member can fall out from a diverse team because there is no motivation from the manager at all. The best way to do this is through constant follow-up of employees by use of methods like feedback.

5. Ensure and Encourage Communication Among Team Members;network 2
A breakdown in communication among team members is always the first indication of a diverse team that is not working. Managers, therefore, have the responsibility to ensure communication at all levels. One of the easy ways of ensuring this is by making some of the team meetings to be more informal and giving each team member the opportunity to give their opinion during sessions.

6. Identify and remove members that can’t go;
It is normal for some team members to be unable to fit into the team either because they are not team players and lack the skills or they are not generally motivated at all. the manager needs to identify such members early enough and remove them from the team. If such is not done on time, it will hinder the success of the team.

7. Encourage Solidarity Events;
Social environments will be an opportunity for the manager to better know his diverse employees as such gives them the opportunity to speak out and intermingle thereby exposing their interests and motivations.

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