My Sales Pitch

My focus is always to ensure the sustainability of any business I get involved with. I believe in the future, understanding the entire production and supply process of every business or service, training and retaining my team and constantly reiterating the vision of the business to them. I believe in Cameroon and Africa, conscious of the challenging business environment that such might pose today, I still see it as a green field with individuals being able to successfully control a sector/industry.

Most of the opportunities in the continent are yet to be explored and while a majority maybe concerned about investing in Cameroon in particular and Africa in General, I see it as the future. The systems in place no doubt do not encourage nor protect investments compared to other countries, but the opportunities are enormous, with limited regulations, affordable resources and very cheap labour.

I am passionate about working with young entrepreneurs, helping them fine tune and testing their strategies and products by ensuring the feasibility, acceptability and sustainability of the product/service in that specific market. I believe in collaboration, promoting and supporting the right vision always and I am always open for business.#CNDECHAM

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