The Future of Organisations- What Managers Need

In challenging times, Managers learn how to advance in the midst of adversity. Adaptability and willingness to accept change is important when operating a multinational. Most organisations fail when they are unable or unwilling to recognise the challenges and needed changes that are coming within their industry. Management needs to constantly think about of what to expect in future and this should always drive strategy.

Customer expectations and satisfaction are constantly and rapidpy changing. Customers; be they individuals or businesses (where the organisation is operating a B2B strategy), are always looking out for more. They believe the best of yesterday’s service should not be that of today. So managers must up the game to increase their satisfaction. Achiving future customer satisfaction requires that managers should design their future strategy around their cusomers. They need to anticipate the needs and make decisions that will prepare them for tomorrow.

Supply Chain Processess are also evloving. Managers need to rethink their supply chain processes and ensure that they are anticipating the changing demands of their end users as were as suppliers. Changing environment and manufacturing procedures on the side of customers and suppliers of the organisation will always challange management to think and prepare for any eventualities.

Social consciousness is also instrumental on how managers should think on the future of their organisations. Society is changing, customers and societal expectations are moving away with people becoming more interested in ethical business operations, preservation of the environment as well as good working conditions for employees. Future customers will demand to understand your organisation’s internal processes and in some cases even request to speak to some employees before engaging in any business deals with you. It is therefore impportant that organisations understand the changes in society and adapt immediately.

Legal requirements and goverment expectations can not be ignored. Organisations need to constantly look out for changing regulations within their industry as well as the countries in which they operate in. Governments are becoming more concerned and involved in how businesses carry out their operations and how their employees are treated. When thinking of the future of your organisation, put an eye out on the changes in regulations.

The future of organisations require extra efforts from managers. They need to think of all stakeholders and anticipate their changing needs and expectations. Customer satisfaction, new product design and supply chain processes all need to be in constant research and reviews as they are constantly changing. The needs and expectations of today’s businesses and individuals will constantly change or increase as society continues to evolve. Pro-active management is therefore what managers need to adopt to be able to constantly meet this.

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