3 Questions that will help you identify the GAP

Identifying a gap in the society is the first step to developing a business idea. To do this, you need to;​ Ask the following questions to yourself and take out time to reflect on them​. Every business idea always starts with identifying a gap in the society; this could either be through a series of questions

Question 1​

What is it that I and my community need/want and such has not yet been invented?

Question 2:

What is it that I or others need to be able to live comfortably and yet it is not easily accessi

Question 3

What ideas and experiences do I have that can be of commercial value?

Every business opportunity starts with an idea and the easiest way to have such an ideea is to look around you. there are numerous opportunities around us and we can only see or take advantage of them if we have the entrepreneurial mindset to be able to identify, create and act on opportunities

Comment with some of the opportunities you have identified based on the above 3 questions.

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