We are in an era were people are striving to succeed but are not ready to pay the price that comes with success. With the mention of the word SUCCESS, every one think its easy. Nobody wants to fail but they all want to dive into succeeding.

As a person striving to succeed you must know that FAILURE is part of the deal. If you don’t prepare your mind for failure, disappointments, rejection, discouragement, doubts, you are not prepared for success. That’s why in this edition of KEYS TO SUCCESS, we will be listing some of the things that will make you succeed.

1. If you want to make it in life successfully, know that people will discourage you from trying/doing things. They will give you reasons not to do it and the choice is yours. Sometimes listening may be good but all the times it is better to try and fail, you learn from everything you do.
2. Success comes with rejection. You will be rejected by many and sometimes by all and at a certain point you will break, but do not give up. Success doesn’t come easy.
3. People often doubts themselves and also pull the crowd to doubt them but in order to be successful in life, you must learn to keep doubts aside and take a risk.

Everything in life is a risk, whether you do it or not, you are taking the risk of not trying.

4.   The secret to success is known through failure. You will fail several times but do not give up. Keep learning, keep seeking, never give up. You alone know and understand your course, people will look down on you because they don’t understand your vision.
5.    Most people are not able to take disappointments because they have feed their focus on promises. As someone working for a course, you must not rely on promises cause disappointments will always come. You must be ready and open for disappointments, always have a plan B,C,D,E… and never let disappointments gets the best of you.

You can’t fall if you don’t climb. But there’s no joy in living your whole life on the ground.

You must be hungry for success, you must ne hungry and craving for the joy that comes with succeeding. You own your story, don’t give others the opportunity to write it. Success is said to be uneasy but trust me, when you keep pushing, don’t give up, you will be happy and smiling at the end of the day.

Late nights, early mornings, less sleep, are all said to be keys to succeeding but truth is, staying up late, waking up early, not having enough sleep will all be a waste if you don’t know what you are working for. You have to have a focus, know your purpose, have a vision, plan the mission then all the late nights, early mornings, less sleep will start making results.

If you think you are not making it despite all the time you put then you’ve got to look back at what you are feeding. Do you have a focus? That’s important to know. Have a focus and put in the work.

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