Are you sure you are not the reason why clients don’t rush you?

One thing I’ve noticed about MOST business people (whatever business you are into, be it writing, graphics designing etc) it’s all business. One thing about business people is their act of not communicating with their clients. People are very keen to what you do, how you treat them and how you deliver.

Communication is key between you and your client especially when payment has been made for you to do a job for them. You have a problem delivering on time, don’t keep them waiting… don’t wait for them to come after you. Inform them if they will or will not get their work delivered on time.

Business people have failed in communicating the right details to their clients. Y’all be making clients look like fools. You take someone money for a job and agree on a dateline, when its time to deliver you don’t say a word rather, the client rush to you and you start giving lame excuses… are you even serious???

Truth be told, the way you treat clients will determine how much more clients you’ll be making. Clients are your marketers, you don’t pay them money but a good job, well delivered makes them happy and encourage them to recommend you to others.

Too much familiarity has made some of us lose jobs, opportunities just because our so called “friends, relatives” didn’t deliver our work on time and could not communicate before hand to us so we could go for other means while waiting on them to deliver.

You can be GOOD in your craft but not GOOD in keeping clients. Learn to be good in both if you must succeed
So many people doing what you do and they don’t even do it best but gets us rushing to them because of their level of competence and you who is BEST have no level of competence. Let’s be serious if we want to succeed in everything we do.

Do it like your life depends on it


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