In a society where people place their success on the validation of others, it is rare to see them actually succeed. Success doesn’t need anyone’s approval aside yours. You have to be dedicated if you must succeed. You have to keep learning, doing and asking.

One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.

-Arthur Ashe

We all have that one person we enjoy for how successful they are. Their succes came as a result of the price they payed. They failed, they were mocked, some didn’t have anyone’s support, others weren’t taken seriously but all that didn’t make them give up. They understood the assignment, they had a vision and were on a mission to accomplish certain goals. Today we admire them, we want to be like them but we are scared of failure, scared of what people will say, we need validation, we need applauds.

Success is for those who have built their self-confidence and are prepared to fail, laugh at, rejected. That’s why as a person who strive to be successful in life, you have to change the way you think, you have to awaken the gods in you and push no matter the rejection, keep pushing.

If having others believing in you and your dream was a requirement for success, most of us would never accomplish anything. You need to base your decisions about what you want to do on your goals and desires—not the goals, desires, opinions, and judgments of your parents, friends, spouse, children, and coworkers. Quit worrying what other people think about you and follow your heart. You have to believe in yourself. Have it mind that all that you set out to do is for you, for your own progress and nobody else.

People will come through for you when the time is right, they will come through for you when they see the productiveness in your life. People will definitely set out to applaud you when they see you’ve won the race. Now is the time for you to set the pace up for success.

Procrastination kill dreams, waiting for people’s approval kill dreams, putting your mind on what people will say will definitely do you no good. People are actually thinking about what you are thinking. Some will shame you and try to bring you down not because you are not doing something right but because they can’t be like you and so they will do anything to being you down.

You’ve got to be intentional when it comes to being successful. You have to be positive if you must succeed. There is power in the mind, whatever you harness in the mind will be a production of your life.

Success is for the brave, those who have set their mind toward positive thoughts and affirmations.

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