In a world where most people will have many task on their desk, the least mistake they do will make everything disorganised. As a business person, emotions should be kept aside and FEED your FOCUS.

So many people find their business disorganised and do not know how to start fixing the mess. Following some interviews I had with few local business people, one of the key things they face as a challenge that turn to make their business disorganised is attaching emotions to their business. Once emotions get attached, stress, anxiety, depression, confusion, all set in and you become less productive in your business.

That’s why in businesss multitasking shouldn’t be allowed because multitasking is another cause for disorganisation. Set priorities right if you want to see your business grow. Not every thing that requires finance should you get involve in and sometimes saying NO will save you from getting disorganised.

Most people will always complain of their business not growing while their neighbours are growing. Strategies are not thesame. It is thesame business but not the same strategy implemented. People set priories, people tackle one thing at a time, people have learnt to say NO, people have learnt not to agree to every family issue that demands money and their presence whereas, you don’t want to fail your family, you can’t say NO even when you know saying YES will bring you down, you can’t start one thing and finish without getting involve in another. You have a mixed concept of how you are handling your business.

All your act of kindness will receive a thank you and in the case where you fall, if you are privilege, you will get a sorry. Nobody actually cares if you fail or not, all they want to see is your support. Think of all these before you go about attaching emotions to business. Think of those looking up to you. Ask yourself if you fall, how many people will come for you? Business comes with intentions of solving problems and making profits, not solving problems and spending profits on other problems.

Unseen circumstances should be prepared for but be intentional to what you invest your time and money into.

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