Customer Service is the special service given to customers that will make them think of you and your business with great joy and comfort of coming back.

In Cameroon most business people do not understand what customer service entails. Some have little or no idea on it and for those who have, they end at the level of convincing customers to purchase a product. They don’t border to check how effective is the product to their customer and also have the customer give a review.

We definitely have a poor customer service care and it doesn’t look like a problem because even customers are ignorant about customer service care. When it comes to Customer Service, there are certain things we need to know and also practice in order to have customers stay in business with us.


Every customer must be valued. If you make a customer feel less valued or uncomfortable doing business with you, you turn to lose one potential longterm customer. Most people won’t talk about your customer service while others will, so inorder not to stress yourself trying to think what a customer is thinking, be nice to them all. People say “the customer is always right” and I will agree with that because it is a business saying that has gone a long way. Even when customers aren’t right, do not use a harsh approach to correct them. Just because a customer shouts doesn’t you will do same, there are several other ways to calm down situations and you should learn that.


Every customer is a potential friend to keep for business and maybe persona purposes. If you are anti-friendly, a lot of people won’t like to do business with you. People will want to go to where they can ask their questions and don’t get judged nor laugh at. They want to feel free while talking without not being listened to. So as a business person, you must know that being friendly is a customer service to render.


Customers will want to know if your goods have quality and also they would love to see results. Every customer deserves that assurance that they are getting a quality product that will be of perfect help to them. So as part of your customer service care, you have to know the qualities of your products and give the right one with right quality to you customers.

4.    CARE

Customers will never tell you they want your care but actually they do. You have to learn to always check on your customers aside business talks. Check on their health, let them know you care about them not just for business or as a customer but as someone who trust their money in your products. When you constantly check on customers, you also put an important message in their mind about yourself and your business.


Every customer will one day need help aside business from you and you should be able to assist if you can. Sometimes the help might be in finding them a product you don’t have nor sell and handing to them. Helping and supporting your customers is also an essential part of customer service care


As part of customer service, you should be able to satisfy your clients not at the detriment of your business. When customers are satisfy, they will always think of you to do business with because they’ve built the trust within and won’t be given it out to another except otherwise.

7.    GIFTS

Your customers also need gifts. Once in a while visit them with a gift and thank them for patronising your business. No matter how small they gift may seem, it will go a long way to speak about your personality and they’ll love to always come to you for business. All customers wants to be pampered.

8.    SMILE

There is power, comfort, peace and stress free that comes with a smile. A smile is welcoming and customers will love to see that smile not the one that looks forced, a genuine and lovely smile is a customer service. Trust me, there are customers who will remember you because of the way you smile to them.

If you apply the above Customer Service Care to your customers, you will be happy with how they turn to market you and your business. That’s why as a business person, you should always be open and flexible for new relationships that might go a long way.

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