Fashion Business in Cameroon is the new trend and the most rushed business every young person wish to get involve in. In as much as we encourage young people to do something with their life that will generate income for them, we also want them to do things uniquely.

You will bear with me that 70% of Cameroon youth when you talk of business, they talk of fashion. Selling shoes, clothes, bags, accessories etc. That is not even the problem, the main problem is the method of marketing. One can’t view status of contacts without getting bored because you will find one and thesame clothes on everyone’s status. Thesame strategy is what everyone uses. WhatsApp clothing groups, uploading status of 30+ pictures of one and thesame things.

Fashion Business is one of the businesses with an interesting profit but due to the fact that everyone is involved with the same techniques, you will find it difficult. At some point, after investing in it, you have to quit and or start wearing the things yourself because the market is slow. This is same with every other business, it becomes slow at a certain point in time and stopping the business is no option rather changing strategy.

One thing killing young people who are into Fashion business is that they don’t want to learn. They don’t want to learn, read and understand how the market works. Everyone just want to have something doing and the easiest thing is getting pictures of trendies and reposting on your status. Most people won’t view all that because it actually becomes boring that everyone is selling thesame thing. Also the pricing is a problem. Most young people want to have two times their profit and that alone kills their business and makes it slow.

How do you stand out?

• You have to know what you have not been doing right. Posting all the pictures of your products on your status won’t bring you sales even though at some point it does. A product of 2-5 is enough for status advert and make your viewers know they can get any other thing from you inbox. Nowadays people have over 300 contacts to view their status and little or no one will want to waste their time on one contact’s 50+ status upload. So maximising your post will help you increase your sales.

• Starting a fashion channel will also help you in sales. A lot of young people will want to click links and find themselves in groups that can facilitate them get whatever they want without really stressing out. You can create a channel and be reliable and accessible for your clients both the ones you have and the incoming ones.

• Understanding what the people want. You can’t just sell everything and anything, you must know what is in high need and also understand how you can make these things reach their right channels. Sometimes must fashion businesses fail because everything to them is just about money. You have to build that trust especially if selling to someone who doesn’t know you. If they pay to get something, do not border asking for transportation fee, you can look for a way to let it get to them for free. You turn to build a trust and next time they’ll want to buy from you even if it means paying their own transportation.

• Stop pricing to kill. You have to know that everyone sells what you sell and even cheaper than you. So if your price does not favor people, they’ll keep pricing till they get their favorable price. Business is not all about gaining from all products but sometimes we have to lose our profits in some products and make it in other products.

• Have a mastery of your market. Being friendly and speak kindly won’t cost you a dime. Most of you have proven to be tough and turn to make your sales tough. People will hate you based on the things they see you doing. Know that when it comes to business, most people attach emotions to it. If you have a bad remark, they’ll seize to have anything to do with you and your business. So strive to fix your life to make it successfully in your business.

• You have to be an ambassador of the things you sell. You can’t be selling shoes and everyday you chose to slay with slippers. Once in a while wear the things you sell as advert. Know what is good for your body size and slay it with confidence.

• Make fashion easy for everyone to get by selling for plus sizes. Plus sizes wants to slay fitting clothes but can’t because they don’t know where to get them. If you can sell slaying clothes for plus sizes, you turn to have a huge market base for all plus sizes.

• Organisation counts. Stop walking in and out of the business thinking you will come back and meet your previous customers where you left them. Consistency is key to everything you chose to do in life and so if you put a STOP, don’t think the world will stop. The world doesn’t revolve around you alone.

• Sometimes you have to take you customers as family and make your cloth packaging attractive. Take better pictures and videos and take the business seriously. Take it as if your life depends on it and see how customers will take you seriously.

Fashion Business can be favorable to everyone and anyone, it all just depends on who you are and how you go about marketing.

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