Most people are fast in setting up businesses but slow with the management. Businesses Management is one of the reasons why most businesses turn to fall out. Starting it is always smooth but to keep it growing, to innovate is where the problem lies.

In Cameroon, most people strive to get into business and expand but they fail to keep up with managing the business. Once you startup a business, everything goes on well and just because things are going on well doesn’t mean you should relax. You need more innovative ideas because when the business starts going down, customers will run to the next person who’ is keeping his alive.

Being into business is all about creativity. You have to always think of the next step, on how to better things. Treat your business everyday like its a startup and see how you turn to gain so much. Business is not just about starting but about INNOVATIVE CONSISTENCY.

Below are some few methods to apply to the management of your business.

• Carry out a survey to know how your competitors are managing their business and the likes and wants of your customers.
• Always patronise your competitors to see how they are doing and learn how to amend or do better.
• Always set out for change, ideas and innovation
• Be keen to your employees cause most at times employees are the reason your business turn to fall out
• Have a good image and male sure same goes with all your employees. You have to understand that a lot of people hate you for nothing but you are able to change their Mindset and so be positive.
• Always talk to your team to know the happenings of the business.
• You don’t know it all, so learn to ask from others.
• Don’t mix business with pleasure and learn to separate your person and business finances.
• Be nice to your employees cause they hold a huge part in the success of your business
• Always set out to beautify your business. Keep it attractive at all time.

So many people are focus on the products of their business and forget to know that they need to also focus on the humans who are part of the business. A good business management starts from being nice to everyone who is around your business.

Sometimes, you don’t need to do what others are doing. Nowadays snacks and restaurants are been seen anywhere and everywhere and if you are set to have one then you need to look at what the others have not been doing and try to do it but do not give up along the line and go to the ways of others. That’s where most business people fail. They start different and end up being like others.

Business is not copy and paste, its about copy, rescan, edit, innovate, paste.

So as a business person setting for longterm business progress, you need to be abstract and open up for discovery.

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