Surviving as a student might not be easy in so many countries across the world, and that’s why we find young people engaging in several good and bad just to survive. Some find it harder than it is because of peer pressure leading to comparison, prostitution, gambling etc.

It is also known that most parents do not impact financial knowledge on their kids. Teaching them to make money isn’t enough, you have to go as far as teaching them how money works, how to invest, the do’s and don’ts of money. Financial intelligence is broad and shouldn’t be limited.

That’s why our blog helps not just students but everyone who envisions being self employed or having a side hustle, entrepreneurs as we all call them, to direct them on path that will generate income for them. Below are some 5 priotized freelance jobs you can start with little or nothing. All you need most is commitment, dedication, continuous learning and effort, time cautious, good branding and a good communication skill. Note that communication skill is one of the most needed skills but yet very little or none are ready to acquire it. Well, it is important to have a good communication skill, it will help and save you anywhere.

Content Creation is one of the most needed skill and you can work from anywhere in the world and still get payed. Find your niche, schedule time to create contents for your subjects.

Everyone wants to brand their business and in order for that to happen, they need a Graphics Designer to share raw idea with and he/she comes up with something. Graphics Designers have to be creative. You can start that with free apps like CANVA, DESYGNER, POSTER MAKER, and many more. These apps guide you through the process of creating a flyer, logo, invitations, banners and other things.

For every business to grow it needs an affiliate marketer in most cases. Affiliate marketers bring a customer and are been rewarded. It is very easy for students to work as Affiliate Marketers. Advertise a product or business, bring deals to the business owner and once money is payed, you get your own share.

In as much as so many of us see writing to be a talent, it can be learned and also you can turn to be good at it. Students who write can turn to cash out on a daily base. There are sites like UpWork, Contena, Blasting News, Listverse, FreelancerCareers, etc, were you will be payed for writing.

A social media manager helps organisations manage their online affairs. Students can learn what it entails being a social media manager and dive into it. This will more likely go for student as they are so much addicted to social media.

In demand industries, the above services are highly needed but most students do not know how to locate them. You have to choose what you are good with, start practicing and you will eventually find yourself being payed for carrying a simple task from your classroom, hostel or even in a taxi.

Freelancing will pay some of your bills if you dedicate yourself to the course.

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