We have talents and passion and some of us are still to discover our talents and for those who have, they are either doing nothing with it, or they are using it freely, and to some others, they are monetising it. Well, sometimes schooling may not favour anyone but that doesn’t mean one should go with whatever flow that lives cones with. Life will come with battles and if you sit without striving to get off those battles, you will end up regretting. 


You can monetize your talents. Make money from it and become the great person you always dream of becoming. Let’s look at some of our talents that we think can not give us money but actually can give us million.



Not everyone can sing and even if everyone could sing, not everyone has the voice to sing. Being a talented singer can make you xash out big time because you can either chose to create an organisation for yourself that sings for events and get payed or chose to visit a studio and give your flow. You can also be a singer who can’t write songs, get close to those who can write songs but can’t sing, you will make a team out of that union.


We’ve got so many born writers, that’s people who can gain inspiration from anything and pen it down. Nowadays, writing can be learn and there are people all over the world learning to write just so they can start cashing out. If you are good at writing then don’t let a day pass by without you penning down something. Just write, write till you are able to show the world your thoughts so they can read.


Drawing is an art that cam make you million. People live colors. There are people that read messages from drawings. So what’s stopping you from drawing if that’s what you are good at? Come on, pick whatever you need and start doing your art.

4.    COMEDY

Have you ever noticed people laughing and smiling when you are around? You brighten up their moods and make their day fun. That’s it, that’s a whole means of starting a carrier in comedy. One of the African countries I admire a lot in terms of comedy is Nigeria, they have mastered the art and even those amateurs are doing their best to make their viewers laugh thus cashing out. So you can’t be wasting a whole talent just like that.


Trust me, there are people good at designing anything. Like they didn’t learn in from any school neither did they watch any video that teaches it. They are just good at it. If you are that person, why are you still broke? Use your talent as a designer and become the people’s plug.

So many talents that can be monetize but lack of courage, the fear of being judged and rejected is holding so many of us from showing the world these talents. You can start from your home, at your own comfort. The media exposes us to so many things and why don’t you get into it, learn these things. Start showing your talent, engage with people doing something, let someone inspire you and motivate you to push through.

Young people do not need to sleep over their talents. You don’t need to procrastinate things. I don’t know what’s stopping you from making money, but whatever that is, I want you to know that nobody owes you a dime, you owe yourself everything and if you chose to do nothing then you’ve chosen to fail as a person and no one will be accountable for that.



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