So many people complain of not having enough funds to startup a business and i ask “DO YOU EVEN KNOW THE TYPE OF BUSINESS TO GO FOR?” We all love to be the BOSS and be in control but come to think of it, can you handle the circumstances of being in control?

Well, it is great for us seeking to start our own business but when looking towards that, make sure your business is actually solving a problem. For example, before, the Internet was limited but because the limitations was a problem, there became ideas of overcoming geographical limitations and since things evolve, we get to enjoy the benefits cause of the solution of creating several apps to facilitate communication with family, friends, clients, etc.

Some of the problems around you that you can bring solutions are;
• People have problems going to the market. They find it stressful for their body and you can be their solution if you have the power to do it.
• Others have problems with managing their business and keeping records of finance. You can be the solution they need by providing them with good managerial skills and financial records.
• Students have problems taking out their trash. You can be a solution by helping them carrying their trash away
• A lot of people do not know how to write projects nor a Motivational letter, neither do they know how to create a CV for themselves. You can be a solution by helping them out.

There are so many businesses to do by knowing peoples problems and getting a solution for them. You actually do not need a capital for that, all you need is to be willing and dedicated to the course and also make sure your solution will actually be what they need to solve their problems.

When a business solves real problems, note that it will always grow. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying some problems ain’t real but there are more pressing issues that has power and influence than the others. Look for those issues and put in all it need to solve them. You can still improve what already exist. That’s to say, there are problems that others have brought little solutions to it, you can still join them in completely solving these problems. Over the years you’ve been going to school, learning and reading on how to make money, you’ve also learnt skills and have expertise in certain areas that can be used to bring around positive changes thus making a living off it. The exposures and the experience you have gathered are for a sole reason and that’s GROWTH.

You can simply become rich by having the right attitude that seeks to solve problems, by looking around you to see what people complain about, the pain they experience, what causes them discomfort and or what you can improve for them to be relief with ease. It’s the simple things anybody can do as the architect of your future. You start by solving one person’s problem and live them happy and excited and before you realise you are able to solve the problems of millions of people thereby making more money for yourself.

Most of the people we celebrate around the world today knew this trick of problem solving. Steve Jobs did his practice on talking to people, millions of people and in any part of the world, he reaches them. He motivates and inspires so many people thereby everyone of them enjoys listening to his talks. They subscribe to his channels, they pay to go for his shows and yeah! He is making money just by talking and empowering words to people’s ears. That’s somehow a passion you can turn to monetize.

People take their talent and time to improve and make things better than it has been. Many people give credits to Thomas Edison for the discovery of the electric bulb while in reality, the electric bulb has been in existence for several years before Thomas Edison. The major problem then was that the version of the electric bulb was shortlived, unreliable and expensive, then Thomas Edison carbonised a piece of sewing thread. He was able to produce a light bulb that lasted for thirteen and a half hours. Eventually, he invented the bulb that could glow for more than 1200 hours. He only improved an existing invention or idea because there were scientists like Sir Davy Humphrey, Warren de la Rue who had all worked on the incandescent lamp.

You see that solving problems isn’t just about doing something completely new or something no one has ever done before. Real problems and or invention is taking what already exists to another level of growth. Its all about making it better for consumers. For as long as people continue to have problems, they’ll always search for solutions. People will always look for better, smarter and faster ways to accomplish everyday tasks. And for entrepreneurs, there are problems to look into and find a solution but the issues is finding these painful problems and matching them with the best solutions possible.

Focusing your life solely on making a buck showd a poverty of ambition. It asks too little of yourself. And it will leave you unfulfilled. – Barack Obama

Don’t look too far for problems cause the main problems are just within you. There are so many business ideas around you. You just have to be vigilant and keen to the complains of thosebaround you. Problems are goldmines, wherever there is a problem, there is money. An example is being poor and then suddenly a death happens that needs your financial support, you automatically start thinking critically on how to raise funds for that said course. There are jobs opportunities more than all of us can ever fill in the world, stop going too far.

Your willingness to learn will take you to the next level of the life you dream of Trina Mensah 



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