Most of us think we are living but truth is we are not living. What do I mean?Are you living your dreams? Are you living your own life? Social media, peer pressure, comparison, envy are the causes of why we are not living. We want to do things like others. We want to be like them. Just because we see them enjoying the business and … Continue reading BE YOURSELF, KEEP TRYING AND BE GRATEFUL

Analysing Myself as a Leader

Through self discovery, peer and tutor review, I have come to the understanding that I am more of a transformational leader who believes in generating a purpose and working alongside his subordinates and or team members towards accomplishing it. Yukl (2010) indicates that such a leader articulates a clear and appealing purpose of the organization explains and acts confidently as well as express confidence in … Continue reading Analysing Myself as a Leader

The Trip that Goes Wrong

What do you take into consideration when planning an international trip? The luggage? the immigration officials? the airlines or the travel time? Going on a trip entails a lot of considerations. Do you ask questions on how any of the aspects would affect you or the trip in the event of unforeseen occurrences? This is something a lot of us ignore when we are planning … Continue reading The Trip that Goes Wrong