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Surviving as a student might not be easy in so many countries across the world, and that’s why we find young people engaging in several good and bad just to survive. Some find it harder than it is because of peer pressure leading to comparison, prostitution, gambling etc. Below are some tips of getting yourself busy with something of more importance…

Top 5 Oil Producing Countries in Africa

Major African countries are key players on the international market through their oil and gas reserves. Countries pride themselves with the amount of reserves they have as such invite a lot of foreign investors into their country. Sadly, Oil and Gas production in African has always been the breathing ground for corruption and major disputes. Today, Opportunity Africa explore the top five oil producing countries … Continue reading Top 5 Oil Producing Countries in Africa

Oil and Gas Resources in Africa- A Curse or A Blessing?

Oil and gas remains one of the highest resources whose prices are very volatile in the international market. This is caused by a number of factors including the forces of demand and supply, the speculative nature of investors, oil and financial companies, and the regulatory bodies such as OPEC. Major political events will have an impact on the volatility of oil prices too as major political incident in one part of the country that is a major supplier of oil and gas will turn to affect the entire market and its prices. The major effects of this oil price volatility is the fact that states find it difficult to better plan and manage their budget especially when such budget is highly dependent on oil revenue. The end result is that the oil production in that country will turn to be a curse instead of a blessing. Continue reading Oil and Gas Resources in Africa- A Curse or A Blessing?